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ERP Software provides the technology you need to integrate the information from all your key business functions. ERP Software comes complete with every module and function included, so you only need to enter it once and the entire suite knows about it.

What industries are served by Zeen Solutions ERP?
  • 1. Financial Management
  • 2. Human Capital Management
  • 3. Inventory Management
  • 4. Supply Chain Management
  • 5. Customer Relationship Management
  • 6. Asset Management
  • 7. Sales Force Management
  • 8. Warehouse Management
  • 9. Pharmaceutical
  • 10. Municipalities
  • 11. Agriculture
  • 12. Retail
  • 13. Software & Technology
  • 14. Professional Services
  • 15. Non-Profit
  • 16. Automotive
  • 17. Construction
  • 18. Healthcare
  • 19. Point of Sale systems
  • 20. Manufacturing Scheduling

Our job is to drill down into your existing systems and data files in order to find the flaws and problems. Solving these problems will then be the guiding force behind designing will achieve, and hopefully surpass, your desired outcomes.

Zeen Solutions is the only ERP solution that does not require intensive, ongoing maintenance efforts. Its swift implementation and effortless operation give you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on your company’s innovation and growth. The system also adjusts to individual users, offering different screens and options for different people and roles. Users enjoy a high level of customizability and personalization options so that everyone’s unique needs are met.

List of benefits for your business: